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How was the degree? How they got their money's worth... Sorry I missed it, I missed one at my lodge on the 10th due to being in New Mexico.
it was my E.A. Degree and yes i sure did. was a great experience, loved every minute of it and im glad I never have to do it again. very excited about my travels.
Clay lodge #301 af&am, Hayesville NC
springville # 153 powder springs... every 2nd and 4th tuesday... E.A degree next week on 3/11.. anyone doing any degree work this week we can come and be apart of.


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Waterfall Degree and Benefit

Everyone please remember the Cove Waterfall Degree.

The degree is this Saturday May 24. Located in Jasper on Cove Creek. It is easy to find and if you have question please PM me and I will try to answer

Ball Ground 261 F&AM

We are also having a Car Show, Motorcycle Ride and Country Music Show on June 28. This is for a Brother who is trying to get a kidney transplant. We need to raise 10K so that the kidney foundation will furnish matching funds. The fund raiser is for Bro. Jack Brooks, Past Master of Ball Ground 261. If you have any questions on this please give me a PM. We need all the help we can get. We also need sponsors for the ride and car show. Sponsor is $50, you can either get your name on a Tshirt for the ride or sponsor a trophy for the car show. Come on out and join the fellowship, fun and help a good Brother. Festivities start at 10 AM at the Community Building in Downtown Ball Ground, located on Civic Drive in back of the Lodge.
Is it still "Ask one to be one"? My Uncle was a 50 year + member in Texas, and I've always wanted to be one. Would anyone in the Cumming area introduce me, please?

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My Dad was in the Sandy Springs lodge in the 80's.
My Grandfather was a Shriner.

I would ask2b1. But right now, I'm not sure ya'll would have me.
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