Tree Stand Foot Rests

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I have a Summit MiniViper treestand and I think it would be more comfortable with an extended foot rest installed. I kind of hate to pay over $30.00 with shipping,if I can find one.

Has anyone found one cheaper or made their own. I would not care if it was rigid and not foldable, I am open to suggestions.



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You'll need a conduit/pipe bender, and a piece of 3/4" or 1" steel electrical conduit.
1)Bend the end up into an L...about 6" or however high you want your feet to sit.
2)Bend the long section OVER in an L to form the front part.
3)Measure far enough to equal the front width of the stand and bend back down.
4)Bend the last L and cut off extra. It should look just like the manufacturers foot rests.
5)Drill 2 holes on each end, 1 to attach to the stand. 1 to serve as a "stop" when in the "down-footrest" position. Bolt on. Add bolts on each side as stops.

Make sense?
Foot rest...

I got the same issue with my stand, if I could extend my feet out to a rest I could sit all day but my knees start to tighten up. I have thought about making one but would rather purchase the accsessory and install it.
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Thanks, I use to bend hydraulic tubing but that was a long time ago. I may try to find some kind hearted soul with a bender and try to look pitaful and he might help me make one.

Seriously,thanks for the help. I am weighing all options.


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try this

I made one for my slingseat loc-on out of a old lawn mower handel I got at the local mower fixit shop. it was the perfect width , all I had to do was cut it and mount it! it even has a rubber coating on it!
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Dang,Bilgerat! That is a good idea. I happen to have a mower waiting for the next trip to the dump. I will check it out tomorrow.
Lets see... I just bought a conduit bender just for this very reason.... Bring your standas on down and i'll supply the bender and conduit and we'll giter dunnnnn


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I was thinking of buying a viper lite. Do you like the stand? I had an old style viper(stolen) and now I have a backpacker--like/liked both of them



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If the mower handle doesn't fit your stand size, try one of those cheap fold out chairs that are made from bent conduit. I'm sure wally world carries them. Frank, your avatar is wearing me out!!!!!!!!!


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i have a bender for thin wall conduit. if you will get a piece of 3/4 thin wall conduit i will come over and bend it for you. i have made 1 for each of my stands. get a 10' piece because it usually takes several tries for me. you might be smart enogh to figure itin 1 bend. i will pm you my number. ron
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Thanks SCPO, I got a PM from you and could not figure out what we were talking about and then I saw this year old post had come back up and now it is all clear.

I had a birthday and got a Summit footrest for my Viper but I have an API that I would like one on.

Ron, Let this Thanksgiving get out of the way and I will call you and we will get together.

Bowhunter! if you think they are wearing you out, try shooting with them at the range all afternoon and then having to take them all out on Saturday night. Whew!
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roger on after thankgiving. i didn't look at date of original post. thought it was recent. bet that did make confuse you.