Trespasser & Classifieds Threads

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What about adding a couple of forums to the mix...

1. Tresspasser pics - add the photos of the trespasser, the county, and maybe nearest town? I use another forum that posts those and not only is it great for nabbing trespassers, it is absolutely hilarious some of the insane stuff that shows up on trail cameras!

2. Classifieds non-payment or renege issues - I agreed to buy a weapon on here this week, agreed to price and timing both in email and text. When I texted the guy today that I was hitting the bank and heading up, he texts back and says sorry, been busy, already sold the weapon. Say what? We agreed on a price, agreed on timing, and then he backs out...there should be a place to highlight the scams and less than ethical buyers in the classifieds...



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Not to mention, we here on the forum have absolutely nothing to do with the Classifieds. That is handled from the magazine website.