Trespasser Gets Just 5 Years for Killing Deer Hunter

Shot WHILE field dressing a deer meaning the buck was on its back and this man intentionally killed a man for his deer.
Calling it manslaughter doesn’t give justice to the dead or his family.


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3 years for involuntary manslaughter and 2 years for a felon with a gun.

Aim and shooting is not involuntary. He could have and should have gotten 15 years for the IM.

I say give him another 15 years for a felon with a gun.

30 year sentence with 30 to serve.

Better yet, let him ride the needle.

280 Man

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What a travesty and failure of the judicial system! I guarantee this guy has not seen the last of a court room! Not that it will be of any consolation to the family involved but he will never own anything for the rest of his life!!


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Should have prosecuted him federally.
Turned case over to ATF.
He would probably have gotten a minimum of 25 years for possessing firearm by convicted felon.

States sometimes drop the ball on these type cases by not referring them to federal agencies.