Trifold Pop Rivet for New Seat Install

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I have 2 Pelican Sentinel 100X yaks that are probably 4 years old or more. Just used for play time on the lake. The storage spot for them is in direct sun in the morning (hanging on dock roof supports). As such the webbing for the seats has broken down over time due to the sunlight. Based on the way the webbing is attached (rivet I believe) I am not sure i can fix/modify the existing seat attachments. Plus I am looking to upgrade the seats and use clips so I can bring the seat in when not in use to increase longevity. If I set new attachment points into the body of the yak, would trifold pop rivets be sturdy enough for seats? If not is there a solution without having access to the underside of the top half of the yak body?

Also looking for suggestions on new comfortable seats in a less than $75 price range.

Thanks in advance folks.

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