Tripod Recommendations for a Spotting Scope

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I bought a Leupold SX1 Ventana Spotting Scope without the tripod kit, and I'm tired of trying to make cheap Chinese camera tripods work. I'm looking at Bog Pod but don't understand how the spotting scope adapter works with their tripods.
So, I'm looking for suggestions for a tripod which won't require re acquisition of my targets every time I look away.



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Since I don’t know your budget or whether you want to use it as a rifle tripod as well, I’d say go to,, or for a good selection. One way to help you is to look at the specs for how much weight they’re rated for. You’ll pay more for carbon fiber vs aluminum.
There's a brand on Amazon called Neewer that makes a good quality carbon fiber tripod with a ball head for a good price. I've had high end aluminum and carbon fiber tripods, check them out if you are trying to keep the price down.


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I use a Slik 700 Pro full size tripod holding my ar10 up with a thermal on top of it to coyote hunt off of. Have 13.5 pounds on top of it. It is rock solid and won't break the bank. Amazon has them. Can't speak for others but this one has been a rock for several years now. And it has seen a lot of abuse and been on a lot of different terrain.
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I got the Neewer on Sunday. Haven't been to the range yet, but initial impression is very good. Of course I'm comparing to whatever was on sale for $25; I've got a stack of that junk.
It's no Manfrotto or RRS but for the price it's well made and has nice features. Not something I'd mount a heavy rifle to, but should be more than adequate to hold a spotter.