Trolling up bigger spots in Flat Creek 14 July

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The pattern from last year with the spots getting bigger in mid July seems to be holding again this year, so far. Water was 85 deg F. Lowrance is down, so I was flying blind and guessing based on last year's patterns and this year's trends. Put 7-8 fish in the boat with 4 keepers and 3 spots over 2 lbs. Most fish on Michigan Stinger spoons 10 feet down early in the morning, moving to 20 feet down by 10 AM. A couple fish hit on a tiny jointed Ralapa in firetiger trolled 10 feet down behind a dipsey diver. Last year when we got into this pattern, there were frequently 2-4 lb catfish mixed in, but none today. By the end of the month, there should be smaller (2-4 lb) stripers mixed in too, but all spots today. Good times with some great guests.

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Nice catches, congrats,,,,man that stinger does it,,,,I'm gonna get me a casting one,,,,
Orange Dolphin is the favorite color, but anything with a splash of blaze orange works well.