Trophy Club in South Montgomery, AL looking for members.

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Trophy club in South Montgomery looking for members. This property is under a new lease manager for the 2022-2023 season. New lease just signed. This land has been an active hunting club for years, but not managed to its potential. This is an opportunity to get in and be part of the club development.

2300 acres. 650 acres added to lease this year that has not been hunted for years. Club will participate in AL D-Map and practice strict deer management.

Bunkhouse included. Some camping spots available - you will be responsible for your own power.

This is not a family club. Members will be allowed 2 bucks. 2 gobblers allowed during turkey season.

We are looking for members that are interested in the long term development of the club and understand the importance of letting deer walk.

Dues will be $5000, depending on number of members.

All pictures posted are from this past year.

Please message me for more details.

Link to photos:
I'm interested....Only open forum question I will ask is how many members... Will send a PM when I get a response...
Why is that a question no one ever seems to want to answer?? Why not just come out an say it from the getgo since NO ONE is gonna give up that kind of money without it being answered to their satisfaction?
Got no idea friend..... like answering a simple question is an issue... Other questions are about pin ins.... some clubs reserve spots and expect you to pay the same dues, and get put in an area that's not where the deer are expected to be. Did that once, never again.
Got some really nice bucks, but I would have to give up my Kentucky, Ohio and Illinois leases which is just a tad over 5k, just don't know if I should.