Tropical Depression Beta & Smokies Fishing this Weekend

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I am headed up to Fontana Marina to take the shuttle in tomorrow morning and spend a couple nights with some buddies camping and fishing. The latest forecast I am seeing has the rain from Beta stopping around 8am tomorrow (Friday).

I have only fished the GSMNP once before and never after a hurricane / depression. Do y'all think we will be good fishing the bigger creeks like Eagle/Hazel? I am assuming the tribs will still be fine. Any chance this actually improves conditions? I know water traditionally is low in Sep but may have been a wetter summer than usual.



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It all depends on how much rain actually hits the stream you are on. 1/4 to half inch rain won't hurt you much, but 1 or more inches hitting quickly could prove to be a wash out. With all the rain we've received this summer the streams don't run down as quick as they do normally. I would plan on using big nymphs or streamers in high water or spinners if need be.
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Thanks all.

We aren't going to cancel at this point since plans are in motion. We are staying at Bone Valley site at confluence with Hazel Creek.

Guess we will just have to see what it looks like tomorrow. Hopefully Bone Valley will be fishable even if Hazel is riding high and dirty.
Hazel drains a large watershed and was already running above normal. It takes a couple of days for it to fall after an event like this. The water will be up and stained. Get ready to fish big nymphs.
As a consolation prize, high, stained water is an excellent time to hook up with a big brown.
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Fishing on Hazel was next to impossible on Friday - river was completely blown out and brown. Saturday was a beautiful day. We hiked all the way up to Kress/Hall cabin. Fishing was very good on Bone Valley. We got into all three species within about 15 minutes.

Hazel looked high but much better today as we headed out. Should be good fishing this week.