Troup County Weasel

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Got this one as roadkill today. It had just been ran over--still limp and blood had just started drying.

South Troup County. Its a female. Just putting up more evidence they really are here.


Al Medcalf

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Shoot yea they have always been here. When I was a kid, I kept cage traps set out and checked them every day after school. I had a dog that went with me and he knew as well as I did where all the traps were. I had one on a sandbar in a creek back behind the house. Old Bozo got to it way before I did and I heard the gosh awfullest screaming you ever heard. I got there and had a weasel and he was jumping at the dog and screaming. I tried to keep him but after about a week he died. By the way Throwback, they retired me Nov. 1st and I ain't shaved since.


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When you said Troup county weasel, I pictured a politician in my head, lol.
Is there a market for such large pelts.....
Actually there is a market for them up north where they turn white in the winter, then they're called "ermines." Case-skinned weasels make cool knife sheaths.
Most excellent T! Whereabouts?


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I've seen a black mink and a fox go at it in my front yard one night at 3AM. I could hear them screaming back and forth with the windows closed.


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They killed 4 of my chickens! They were the only thing that could squeeze through the fence. One was in broad daylight. They couldn't drag the carcass through the fence. Just ate the innards. I saw one flattened on the road several weeks later. The teeth gave it away. I still need to set some traps. The remaining chickens are protected by chicken wire, unless they strike during the day again.
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Bump. I had forgotten I posted pics
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I would have thought that was a squirrel if i would have driven by it!
When I drove by and realized what it was i probably damaged my brake pads stopping
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Most excellent T! Whereabouts?
Lol just saw this

About a half mile or less from the house going toward 27 between the two roads that T into my road
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