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I was 18 and and started hunting when was 16. My parents did not hunt and did not realy want me to, but nature called. I had some friends that hunted and I used to go sit with them etc. Well I borrowed a gun from a friend a couple times and never shot my first deer till I was 17. I was hooked!!!

Well I became good buddies with a friend from high school who was a serious hunter. Him and his whole family were. His dad " a strict man" told me I could use an old shotgun he had as long as I took care of it. Well I went and got some slugs and starting hunting almost everyday when the season started. Where I lived I could just walk out in my back yard and had access to 10k acres. I lived on an old military base.

Well we got some new neighbors one day and from what I am told she saw me go out the back door with a gun and called the mp's "military police" The went to my house and asked my mom what the deal was. My mom said he is going to play in the woods I guess. See i never told my mom I was going hunting. I would just yell im going out be back later. I would sneek the gun out of my house which I kept hidden in the one of the legs on my chest waders and then go down and change into my hunting cloths in the woods.

When the MP told my mom that the neighbor said I had a gun she started to panic. They said well we are going to get him and she said no your not you can wait for him to come back you guys are not going to get into a shooting contest!!!! lol

Well fast forward to dark I come in the back door and BAM I get rushed by 2 MP's I was like what the **** They cuff me and ask me what I was doing and why did I have a gun. So I explained the situation and they ask me so whos gun is this. So I explain that to the as well.

Well now the one MP is giving me a hard time and he is acting like I was lying and I was up to no good. So he decides to run the serial number on the gun through the state patrol office. I didnt care what did I ahve to hide right? well a person comes back over his radio and the gun had been reported stolen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well now I am realy freaking out and they wont let me call my buddy's dad to ask for help. I get arrested and hauled away. They take me to the MP station and then to the state police cause it was now federal for having posession fo a stolen fire arm. Now I am confused and scared out of my mind. The state patrol talks with the mp's and they are all laughing and having a good time with this. After they get their laugh he comes over to me and says sone dont lie to me. Where did ya get the gun. I explain the whole thing again.

He says well im going to run some reports and numbers you hang tight. He comes back about a 1/2 hour later and says well the gun is stolen. My heart sank and I thought I was doomed. He then says but it was stolen in 1976!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I look at him and say so you think I stole that gun when I was 2 years old? he laughs and says no I just think your unlucky! and laughs a little. He then gets my friends dads phone number and calls him and asks a few questions and says he is going to keep the gun and it is to be destroyed

He calls my mom and says she can come and get me that I was to be released into her custody. A few months goes by and I have to go to court over this. I had a posssesion of a stolen weapons charge, and theft charge. When I get to court I have no lawyer and I am there by myself. After about an hour wait hey call my name and charges out loud and of course the whole court room goes ooohhhh.... maannnn he is done etc etc.

I get up there and a legal aid guy walks up and says hi I m here to help you and aks the judge for 5 minutes. He asks me some questions and then we go back in. The judge looks at me and says how do you plead.? I say not quilty sir. Then the DA says judge Mr Andrew Rogers is charged with etc etc etc. The judge looks at me and says so what do you have to say about all this. My legal aid then says your honer if you could look at the dates of the theft please. He looks over the paperwork and asks me how old I was. I tell him and he chuckles and then the stupid DA looks down at all the paperwork and looks up like he just now realized the gun was stolen in the 70's.

The judge then said to the DA well The gun is stolen, but I dont think Mr Rogers stole the gun when he was 2. The whole court room giggles and then he says the gun is to be destroyed and this case dissmissed!!! Oh and Mr Rogers be carefull when borrowing guns next time!


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Well... Did you ever ask your friend's Dad how the gun was stolen in 1976?


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So who stole it?


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Well the cops called him and he said he bought the gun in the 80's from a friend. I guess they figuired it would be a pain to track everything.

When I asked him what was up he said he got the gun from his dad and his dad bought it at a gun shop and the gun shop owner bought it of a guy in the street. The shop was in NY city.......