Trying to determine value- Glenfield (Marlin) Model 30 30-30

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Hi guys. A friend at work has offered me a Glenfield Model 30 for purchase and we are both wanting to determine a solid value that he and I both are happy about. I dont want to underpay my friend and he doesnt want me to over pay. Just looking for an honest and fair value for it.

Bluing and all is perfect and it cycles like glass. Wood is good and no major issues. Has some honest wear and a couple nicks, but overall I'd say 85-90%. Comes with an older Bushnell 4x scope. Barrel is stamped JM.

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A model 30/30A mfg date '64-'84 Glenfield model with Birch stock and press checkering
95% = $295
90% = $275
80% = $250
source: 38th Blue Book
the 30TK...sold through K-Mart about the had a Micro Grove barrel
the 30AS would be the same as a 336A and add about $100 each of those