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Considering going to tuckahoe wma soon , never been! Is their anything a stranger should know?
Hoping it is safe. Just asking for general comments. Will my truck be safe while in am out hunting?
Any suggestions will be appreciated.
Check the savannah river water gauge, if it's up a good portion will be underwater. Satellite maps will give you a good idea of the flood plain, pretty distinct using the tree lines. If the water level is down some of the side roads can be nasty. I have not had issues leaving a vehicle, but that's just my experience.
Some friends have been hunting it lately. They said the place is flooded, they have been taking a boat and hunting isolated islands.
We've also gotten some rain the last few days, I would expect it to be pretty high.
Without starting another thread, can anyone point me to the hunting and firearm regs for tuckahoe? I can assume a lot, but I can't find anything online spelling it out. Planning on riding up there tomorrow to poke around and explore. Not likely to really hunt but want to take a legal firearm just in case I do happen across some pigs.

Since small game is open until Feb. 28, you can hunt with any weapon legal for what small game is in season. Since everything from squirrels and rabbit to fox and bobcat are in until Feb. 28, you can hunt with anything legal for any of those , which would be pretty much anything you want to carry other than dynamite. You can take your deer rifle if you want to since center fire rifles are legal for fox and bobcat.

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I'll have to say small game and furbearer are two different types of rules. Use the small game weapons rule and do not get a ticket for having a centerfire rifle on a wma hog hunting when a deer or bear hunt is not going on. Your best option is a muzzleloader it will be legal.