Tuckahoe WMA

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Anybody have any luck in Tuckahoe?

Wondering how viable some of the oxbows are, or wether I would be better off setting up on the Savannah itself.

It's also pretty wet in there and I thought it might work to Wade through some of the low lying flooded creeks.

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Please be careful. Wading the river and it's oxbows can be dangerous.
Danger from gators and/or deep water?

My plan is to take the kayak and set up in a nook along a bank, but I've been debating that depending on water depth. Ideally I would like to paddle to a spot and stand outside of the yak.
Went Sunday and the water level is at the access gates, no sure how much it has come down since then. You can probably launch your kayaks from the road and paddle down to some of the lakes, creeks or rivers following the flooded roads.