Tutorial On Posting Photos On G.O.N.

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1-Before You Make Any Post Scroll Down To Where You See Manage Attachments Click On It
2-Have The Photo You Want To Post Either On Your Desk Top Or In A Folder Thats Handy
3- A Seperate Window Will Pop Up.You Will Be Given The Option To Upload A Photo Click Browse And Find The Photo You Want To Share..Make Sure It's The Proper Size You May Have To Resize It... If It Tell's You Photo Failed To Load.(Make It Smaller)
4-Then Simply Upload The Photo, Hope This Helps Some Who Are Having Trouble.
This Is Simply 1 Of More Ways!


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My friend this is the first time that I have ever been able to send a photo to a forum. You have made this ole man have a very nice rainy day, Thanks many times- cotton top


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How do u resize the photos????
Open the photo in Microsoft "Paint" or other image handling software.

In Paint, choose "Resize". Select the "Pixels" radio button and reduce the image to 640x480. Save the file under a different name. You should be able to upload the reduced sized image file with no problems.


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I can't post pics from my droid. In the manage attachments screen the choose file tabs are completely against the left side of the screen. No open boxes are visible to the left of the choose tab. When I tap the choose tab nothing happens. I can change my avatar however. Any suggestions?