Tybee slam 10-20-21

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Put the boat in around 10:00 and the weather was beautiful. The ocean was like a lake today. Mostly fishing the outgoing and the beginning of the incoming. Fished pretty much in the same area from 12:00 until closing time. First area I caught 3 nice 15-16 inch reds. The action stopped for a while until I moved to an area where the trout were active caught two nice keepers and several throwbacks. The last fish was a nice 15" flounder to complete the slam. The reds were caught on a root beer shrimp. The trout were caught at the beginning of the incoming on artificial shrimp and a 5" gulp and the flounder came on the gulp. I caught this little grouper on the 5" gulp. It looks like a little Gag, but the markings are a little different. Maybe just because it's young.