Umbrella Rigs are the Ticket - Lanier

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Lanier's Umbrella Rig Bite continues to be really strong. After seeing Bill Carson's pictures, I had to get out on the Lake. Fished with Jerry and Charles, members of the Lanier Striper Club. We had a blast. All 29 fish were released - looking forward to catching them next year and the years thereafter.



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Sounds like a busy trip, great job guys!

Cletus T.

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That looks like a lot of fun right there. Catching 29-fish in January blows my mind!!!

Congrats on the mighty fine silver fish!
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Cletus, I agree with you; it's very difficult to believe anyone can catch that number of Stripers in January. I read my fishing records for January for the four previous years and they tell me that I never caught over eleven in one day! I attribute much of my success to the excellent survival rate of the stocked Fry and the diligence exhibited by the State biologists.
Great stuff Tom. We needed one of those 29 in the last couple of tx.