**UPDATE** I think we have a hog problem!!

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Never seen this before. Circle C traps will be built soon to hopefully get rid of some of these rascals. That's NOT why I'm spending so much on a feeding program!

Trap was built. Set once and only caught 1. Set again this past Thursday. Friday when we went to check it we had 33 in it! Next time I will post on here so anyone who wants some pork and come and get it. I think we all have enough meat to last a while!


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If it were me, the only issue I would have may be time and freezer space.

get down there as often as possible and pull the trigger as much as you can.

Good luck!
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Stop the feeding and the hogs will disappear.:pop:
So far they're only on 2 of the 10 protein feeders we have running. I don't think I'll be stopping the feeding, but we will be starting the killing. There have already been 7 killed that I know of in the last month and some shot but not recovered.

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Hunt them and set some large hog traps. You can work on them with hog traps. We had a timber guy set one up on our lease several years ago and he caught a lot of them. They were rooting up the small pines they had planted. He would kill them in the trap when he went to check them. Would catch one or more nearly every day. Before we started running feeders back then, you didn't see many hogs on our lease. About 2 years after we put out some feeders, we were loaded up with them pesky jokers.


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Bout an hour for me.

I'll kill every one I see.
Got a bud that hunts deer with me.
I'm sure he would go as well.

We won't leave nothing but a foot print!

PM me if interested.
You wouldn't like paying the feed bill to feed pigs!

Why are you feeding wildlife..?
Are they starving , what did they do before you showed up .
I have a feeder , Big one 250 pounder slap full of corn and such , everybody's welcome. I eat good off that feeder:cool:
Hogs are just part of the deal. What are you going to do when 5 Coons start running your deer off..:pop:
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Traps will be built this Saturday and hopefully we will get to set them within a couple of weeks. Then the fun begins! We hope to get 2 built and baited this weekend. We'll see how it goes.