(UPDATED 7-29-20 SEE POST # 52) Covid-19 Has Raised Its Ugly Head In My Family...I Would Appreciate Your Prayers

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Needless to say that I was totally surprised to get a call from my 38 year old Daughter who was very ill and she advised that she had tested Positive for this virus.

Without any doubt, I would have bet my last penny that she and her husband would most likely be the last two people to contract this nasty virus. They have done EVERYTHING RIGHT AS ADVISED during this entire length of this pandemic. Both of them are very active BUT they both have used the utmost precautions with this virus situation.

In fact, both of them have NOT even been in a grocery store, gas station or dine-in restaurant etc since back on March 13, 2020. They have worn their masks every time that they were even outside during this entire event. They also frequently use the hand sanitizers, various wipes and have always respected the social distancing requirements in every respect. Her husband always pumps gas with gloves on as well and then discards them in the trash when finished. Their groceries have been curbside pick-up type delivery and any restaurants have also been "no-contact" delivery as well. Sam's Club and Walmart is always curbside delivery as well etc.

Both of them graduated from and also work for this same major college here in Georgia and they travel back and forth to work together each day as it is just a few miles from their house. For a few months now, as far as their work schedules, EVERYTHING HAS BEEN VIRTUAL MEETINGS ONLY at their work locations. It has been unbelievable of the various number of all of these restrictions that they have had to adhere to EVERY day for the past several months.

Back early last week, my Daughter had the normal "mild" symptoms of a Sinus infection (which she unfortunately gets about twice yearly) and she just felt lousy and had a very low grade fever and a tiny bit of congestion. She and I both thought that it was just her normal yearly bouts with her sinus problems as such. Thankfully, she was able to get an appointment for herself to be tested on Thursday of last week but her husband could not get his appointment test then .

She kept up with the "normal symptoms" of the sinus problem etc and they just rested as much as possible while waiting for it to run its course. Well it got much worse over the next few days as she began to feel really miserable and had some breathing problems and just NO energy at all. On Wednesday of this week, her doctor called with the bad news of her positive result on the Covid-19 test. Thankfully, her husband has had NO adverse symptoms at all as of this morning.

I am surely praying that things will continue to improve with her breathing problems and that she can get more energy back as quickly as possible and ride out the rest of this quarantine situation and just keep getting better each day. I am surely praying that her husband will NOT get this nasty virus either. My Daughter and Son-in-law are the most precious things that I have left on this earth and I will always do my best to help them in any way possible.

We are all still just MYSTIFIED just how she could have contracted this virus based on their preventive measures for the past several months now as they have NOT socialized with others at all.
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sorry ee....I think a lot of us will wind up with it......
I'm so sorry to read this. Prayers for you and your family from the Hornet's.


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Prayers for your family.
In turn, I would ask that y'all keep an older cousin of mine in prayer. He tested positive 2 days ago, but is doing pretty good. 1st of my family to get it.
Exact opposite for me at work.
Guy gets sick and is admitted to hospital. Two days later positive for Covid. The other eight people in his office that he works closely with, has break and lunch with, rides a cart side by side with, are all sent to be tested. ALL came back negative!!
Hate to hear it, and hope she recovers soon.


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Sorry to hear this, Mike. Prayers.....