urig bit was strong 25'-35'

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Found that most willing fish were around 30'. Pulled 2 rigs 90-100. Shots are Humminbird Helix 10si. The ducer is mounted on the stern on a step hull.



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Bill I'm convinced u are a fish magnet, Where u go the fish cometh....Great catch buddy, we were busy sinking bamboo in Hartwell tonight if ya get the itch for some table fare give me a shout. Have a great week buddy!
Out on the Lake yesterday with Captain Mack's u-rigs competing with the bass guys for those coveted points and humps. Anyway, we got double digits with our largest fish at 28 inches. Looks like the Stripers have moved to brush piles (thank you bass guys). My sidekick, Terrell Ivey, had some excellent ideas as to location, colors of trailers, etc. Fished for about three hours and looked around for an hour or so. The most helpful tool: Onix 10 with LakeMaster.