Useless Billy sewed #1322 Demerit Badges on a Sash!!

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"Useless Billy" Fire Chief.
Central said he was ah estimated 300 pounds

Pig Predator

Useles Billy’s Fishel Hog Killer ?
Naw, I just mean I would like another 22 "for her" (me).

I'd probably get her a .38 for the simple manual of arms and the fact that I can down-load it for her to practice with and work her up to full-power rounds.
My wife hates the jframe but loves the bobcat. She says the revolver hurts her wrist and is too loud...smh.


Useles Billy ain’t got nothing on ME !
A pic wood help!

I 2 love a good 44.

Have several.
Needs a good cleaning. About 400 rounds through it since February.


I want a 2-3/4" Mod 69! I don't have a .44 handgun at the moment, but have a few rifles.
Mine is the 4", and I want a 2-3/4 to go with it. The bore axis is just slightly lower than an N-frame, and there are several other little neat details. If you go that route highly recommend a set of Hogue #19022 grips (what mine wears, and the same as used on the 500 S&W) if it fits your application... My plinking load is a light magnum 240gr (still much heavier than a 44 special), and I can shoot 100+ rounds comfortably. Also helps me get a good high grip on it.
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