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A good start would be to join your American Legion in your area. I would then contact the Service Officer of that post.
DAV and Veterans of Foreign Wars have VSO's also. The state of Georgia offer help too. You can go to the main VA office beside the VA hospital and they can "help". Be prepared for an all day event with rude people. Do a Google search for VSO in Georgia.

And Thank You.:flag: not sure if you have been here but this site has alot of resource links as well as instructions to file a claim online. I retired last year and this site helped me out. Once you get an account you can track appointments and the claim status
Ebenefits is decent once you get your claim filed but whatever you do....don't go it alone. The DAV NSO will take your medical records and file a very thorough claim with the correct wording which will maximize the potential for approval. they do not exaggerate or falsify anything but if you use the wrong verbiage to describe the condition and its impact your valid condition may not get the consideration you deserve. Feel free to PM me and I can put you in contact with the one here in middle GA for assistance.


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I used the DAV because I was a member. They were great and even ended up with a DAV lawyer in DC. After 12 years I finally got 100%. All this was at no cost to me.. JMHO


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Be ready for a L-O-N-G fight. I was in Vietnam in 1969-1970. Got back and got 40% in 2012. Just got out of the hospital Nov. 17 2015 after a 4 month stay Colon Cancer 3 operations
I file with VA on Dec 14 2015. I will never get anything for this I will more than likely be dead. (GOOD LUCK)
Go to the DAV rep in your local area. Don't go see the local volunteers but the actual DAV NSO.

My experience, having worked with many, many vets applying for disability is the DAV rep NSO is the best resource.

Be prepared for a long period of hassles and delays, stay calm and relaxed. The process will play out. And do NOT give up! That is part of the VA process, to get vets to give up.


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Dad finally got approved this week after applying over 10 years ago. Had to reapply in 2006 because they lost claim.


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Y'all say a prayer for my dad, my mom had to drive him to the hospital last night because he became lethargic and was not breathing well. They had to put him on the vent to get his O2 up and CO2 down.
My filing wasn't difficult, just time consuming. Took something like 6-9months from the date of application to get my review appointment.

lbz he'll be in my thoughts.
Make you a file and keep everything you send them and everything they send you. If you have an appointment make it.

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i filed october 2nd in 2015 and already did medical exams for claims and ebenefits showing preparation for decision guess im a lucky one that went that quick but i also filed with american legion rep there really good and now is the time to get it done with all that heat the va got they are contracting out medical appointments to get it done quicker


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How long does it take to get backpay and claim money after claim has been approved?