View from the deer stand.

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Howard Roark

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One week later. Doe comes through acting spooked while I’m climbing my ladder. Heard deer grunt from the direction the doe came.

Great afternoon so far.

9 antlerless deer

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Howard Roark

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What a day to be thankful. Isaiah 12:4-5

Hunting today in an area I hunted regularly between 1987 and 1998. Passed the stand in to my dad and my son in law. The area was thinned several years ago and was a mess to get to. Mapped my way out using ONX after beating a trail in to set my climber.

This morning my trail soon found my dads bright eyes path and my climber was at the end of his trail.

Happy Thanksgiving all. A feast is coming at camp soon.

2 antlerless
Fawn doe
Fawn button

56172C15-B336-4D7F-AAAB-D3DB25551C4A.jpg 3D75755B-7EB3-472A-B002-BBD40B7C672D.jpeg 5A0A9FC1-7379-4BB9-98A1-BFE6D741405E.jpeg D222B50B-BC32-48BE-A1FC-2C88556E4F55.jpeg 2F42EF2F-F2FD-48FD-8D7C-F841D93B4157.jpeg
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Howard Roark

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Back in Madison Co in a plot I have not hunted in a month. Looking for does but found a fresh scrape.

After hunt. What a day.

5 pt
8 pt
7 does
3 more came through at dark chasing and snorting.

Had deer is 30 ‘ behind me stomping its foot while packing my pack on the ground.
6ABF844A-D570-40BF-B2BE-E4CD6B28B7F8.jpeg 356B067F-9537-4342-A14B-0616C237E10D.jpeg
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Another quick hunt to end the day.

4 antlerless

6 point

Small buck.

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