Volunteer Chattahoochee WMA Cleanup


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Ive seen it all now. I rode one of my favorite F.S. roads yesterday evening off 180 near Brasstown Bald. Some special people have left a toilet seat mounted on a 5 gallon bucket not 20 feet from the road at the only decent camping spot on the whole road. NGSportsman knows where I'm talking about. There was a shower curtain next to it, for privacy I guess. I've found something like this left behind before on Sea Creek, but it was 50 yards back in the woods behind camp with a ziplock bag of lime beside it. No problem with that. To beat it all, these folks had put orange tape on every exposed root in the whole campsite. Talk about a pain to clean up. I had to leave the toilet for now as my only trash bag was nearly full with the rest of the trash from target shooters at the end of the road and the kids toys left at the campsite but I plan on coming back with disposable gloves and getting it. At least the bottom was cut out of the bucket. Otherwise I'm not sure I would have the stomach to dispose of it.

Let me know when you plan on going back and I might can squeeze in a little time to go with you.


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I'll try to do that. It will be next week sometime. I noticed a couple of mattresses right off 180 on my way home, didnt have time to try to get them.


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Thanks for a job well done. I hope to camp up there sometime this summer. It is about 3 hours from my home. It is a real treat to visit that area. I don't understand why folks don't take their trash with them. Is the area patrolled enough when it's not hunting season. I hate to think that methheads are using the area. The local Boy Scout troup may be able to help next time. Y'all did good.


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Thank you guys for all being willing to get your hands dirty and keep the woods clean. It's encouraging to know there are other people out there who pick up others' trash and want to protect the land we love.

And people say hunters aren't conservationist....