W MO, 150 acres

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If I can get two guys to commit rather quickly, I’ll put the deposit down on this. 1300 each.

150 acres Johnson County MO about 1hr East of down town KC a short drive off the interstate.

There are cattle on the S half, cut beans on the N, with a large creek/drainage through the middle. I saw a buck crossing out of the cattle pasture today when I went and looked at it along with some good sign in the bean field.

I will NOT be hunting this farm opening weekend of rifle season if I get it. So you would have most if not all of the first 8 days of rifle season to yourself. There is also a alternative means season the week after Christmas where pistols and ML can be used. Of course, bow hunting as well until the end of the season and Turkeys in the spring.

Property Lines are approximate, outlined in red.