Wading Boot Give-away

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I have a pair of size 10 Simms wading boots. These have double stitched felt soles, and are above the ankle height. I don’t think that they have ever been worn. I got them in a box-lot item at an auction, and they are too small for me.

The deal is, if they’ll fit you, post on this thread. I will give them to you if you want them. I’ll keep the post up until November 14th. I will assign you a number according to your post history. First post get 1, second post gets 2, etc. I will then draw a number out of a hat, and notify the winner. Hope you can use them. I sure wish that I could.



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That is very generous of you. Since I wear a 9.5 regular shoe I believe they would fit me.
Thanks for doing this, very generous. Don't enter me, I just posted to thank you and explain that I had to change the thread title because our rules expressly forbid raffles. :)


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Size 10 will work for me, very generous of you.
Remove me I don't think they will fit
Please put me in. Very generous of you, thanks!