Wanna see if your still flying / current?


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BTW I got a little seat time in a DC-3 last Monday.

Does that mean they usually make you ride on the wing? ::huh:
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Lets put this way the pilots seat was like FIRST CLASS compared to the seat I sat in for the take off.

The jump seat I was in was like . . . just imagine crawling under your desk and sitting on a phone book with your elbows in your lap and just thinking this is FUN! :whip:

Any one remember the movie "Airplane"?. :bounce:


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Cool :cool: , when are you going to take some aerial shots of our camp? :)
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270win & me are going to get together one day next month to fly over the property. We tried to get together last year about this time but I dropped the ball.

I'm planning on some overall shots & detail shots. I want to get some shots of the land showing where the hardwoods, creeks, roads, select cut pines, clear cuts, & thick pines are, from wide angle to close up, from the east, west, north & south angles. So basically I'm going to take my wife's Canon 20D & a couple gigs of cards & shoot everything I can.