War Between the States

John Bell Hood is exactly who I mean. I am not a fan. His ramble to Tennessee cost the Confederates the loss of many men. It’s believed by some he was addicted to opium after losing the leg at Chickamauga.
That makes another thing we agree on,he was costly in Southern lives. Never heard of a possible addiction,but if he could get the dope he might have been.
I don't know about delusional but Hood and Burnside could have had a pretty good argument over which of them was the most needlessly wasteful of their soldiers lives.
Add Grant to that list.
General Joseph Johnston is blamed for that. We know now that he couldn’t have repelled the invaders. He saved many a good mans life by retreating. Many of whom were sacrificed by a delusional officer who replaced Joe Johnston.
Joe Johnston had his faults but he was a master of defense and almost never had his lines broken, except where Hoods lines were. Joe”s defensive prowess probably saved thousands of Southern men.


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He had severe injuries both to his arm and loss of a leg. He probably needed the meds. What he didn’t need was to be the commander of an Army.
I read that he did some recuperation time near President Davis and became friends.
He also is said to have bashed Johnston in letters sent to Davis. If he actually did that he should have been busted to private.