Warning for you married folks

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I know some of you saw the story in GON a while back where the fellow lost his ring finger when his band got caught on something as he fell or something. Anyways, I had a similar incident happen to me yesterday as I was climbing down out of my stand. As I stepped off of my bottom step onto the ground my ring got caught on the screw in step that I was holding onto. I didn't lose the finger but I got a nasty cut and my ring is bent all out of shape and has to go to the jeweler to be fixed. At least it wasn't the trigger finger !!!!!!! :bounce:
sorry to hear that Jody,but that is one reason I don't wear one.I think there ought to be a waiting period on wedding rings :)


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Thanks for the warning, Jody.

I've compared the dangers of wearing it, and not wearing it. I'll take my chances with wearing it. God save me from the wife if she finds it not on my finger. :whip: :bounce:

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sorry about the pain JODY . Thats why I dont wear one . I also work in plastic plant not so '' ring friendly " usually take it off at work too. SS


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I never wear mine to the woods or to the lake. Fraid I might lose it, or my finger. :D I already had to have it cut off once while moving furniture, and that was only 6 months after I got it. I learned early. :bounce: :bounce:

jody....glad you didn't end up like the guy in GON.

i never wear mine while hunting or fishing.


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thats exactly why Im not getting married! my finger is way too important to me. you can always find another wife, but you only have one ring finger! :clap:


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We made an agreement when we got engaged. I wouldn't wear a ring, but we would spend what we would have spent on the groom's ring on her rings.

I had a friend who got his hung in a band saw. A guy at work got his caught in a moving hydraulic cylinder, & another guy got yanked off a boat by a gill net. Most of those 3 accidents were preventable if they had been being more safety concious anyway. I prevented them by not wearing one...

Otherwise, I would be like Delton, DEFINITELY safer wearing it! :D


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Good advice Jody

I quit wearing mine many years ago. I do not wear jewelry of anykind anymore. I even use a pocket watch versus a wrist watch.

I know od a couple of fellows who would suffer severe nose damage if their wedding band got caught on something. :bounce:



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Glad that you weren't more seriously hurt, Jody.

When I got married (almost 26 years ago), I told my wife not to buy me a ring. I was in the Navy, and living/working on a submarine, there were lots of places a ring could get hung. She wouldn't listen, and bought me one anyway. I put the ring on my keyring, and that's where it's been most of the 26 years. I used to occasionally wear it when we went out, but at least a couple of the 65-70 pounds I have gained since I was 18 have found their way to my fingers, and it won't fit anymore.

The ring doesn't make me married. It's what's in my heart that does. It took my wife a few years to realize that, and she understands why I don't wear mine.

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Sorry about the boo boo Jody!

I used to work with a guy that lost half of his finger one day the same way.

He is a Heating & Air service technician. He was up on a commercial rooftop, and jumped down from onme ledge to another. As he jumped, his ring got hung up. Well, something had to give, and unfortunately for him it was all of the meat on his finger from the ring up. He had all of the bone, but it ripped the meat clean off! :eek:


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Delton said:
Thanks for the warning, Jody.

I've compared the dangers of wearing it, and not wearing it. I'll take my chances with wearing it. God save me from the wife if she finds it not on my finger. :whip: :bounce:
you made me laugh pretty good!
I really have been lucky mine has never gotten hung up. i used to do a lot of construction work/framing/etc. and there were many times it could have happened but praise God it has not yet. My ring is titanium though so I am sure it will go through any trial without bending!


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Years ago I had a young newly married welder working with me at a powerhouse and he swung down out of the steel to the floor. His ring got hung up and pulled all the skin off his ring finger leaving the bone. Nasty, needless accident. :(


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I always thought that men got two rings when they married: One for the finger and the other for the nose so that your wife could hook a rope to it and lead you around everywhere!!! :bounce:


When I get married, I don't know if I would want to wear a ring. I don't have a single piece of jewelry on me, and with all these horror stories you fellas keep telling about losing fingers, I don't think I ever will wear a ring!!! :eek:
I've been married more than twenty years and never wore a ring.

During my single years, I knew an acquaintance who was single and wore a wedding ring at the night spots. Thought it was a good investment!


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OK. I have made copies of all the posts and with ya'lls backup, I now have a good reason not to wear my wedding band. If my wife says anything I'll just give her these post so she can see how dangerous it is. If I were any of you woodites, I would not come near my wife from now on because I will be blaming it on ya'll!
While on the subject of rings... For those that aren't married, there are 3 rings to a marriage -- in most instances.

1. The Engagement Ring.

2. The Wedding Ring.

3. The Suffering.

I rarely wear mine. Mostly in social situations


Yup, ifn yer gonna get social, better take it off.