Warning for you married folks

2 times

First time I was working on a piece of farming equipment putting a chain back together.Went to get down and was holding on to the sprocket and my foot slipped and left me hanging by my one finger(good thing I only weighed 175 and not 225 like now).That was about 20 yrs. ago and my wife talked me into wearing it again about 6 months later.It was okay for about 3 months when I went to get down from a platform and slipped again.Nasty cut again and swelled up finger but still have it all.I haven't wore it since.She understood after I explained that if I didn't want anyone to know I was married all I had to do was put it in my pocket.We both know we are married and that is all that counts,the ring just tied the bond.


Jody Hawk said:
I know some of you saw the story in GON a while back where the fellow lost his ring finger when his band got caught on something as he fell or something. Anyways, I had a similar incident happen to me yesterday as I was climbing down out of my stand. As I stepped off of my bottom step onto the ground my ring got caught on the screw in step that I was holding onto. I didn't lose the finger but I got a nasty cut and my ring is bent all out of shape and has to go to the jeweler to be fixed. At least it wasn't the trigger finger !!!!!!! :bounce:
One afternoon a water dept employee was digging with a backhoe to install a meter at my place. He stepped off to get a drink, slipped, fell, and his wedding band caught on the side of the machine. He staggered around, looking at his hand, then asked us to help him find his finger. I drove him to the e.r., but the doc said it wasn't re-attachable.

I was amazed at how little pain the poor guy was in. He didn't even break a sweat. I also told him that he could keep the dixie-cup we hauled it in.


I hear ya JODY!!!!!!!!!

Well, I'm not married any more. ;)


I can remember being married only a few months and I had my wedding ring on. I did "EXACTLY" as you did......I was comin' down the tree and my ring caught a screw-in and I looked at my finger and you couldn't even see the ring......It had slid up under my skin all the way to the knuckle...... :speechles :speechles I never wore my ring again.......

Maybe that's just "ONE" reason I ain't married no mo!!!!!!!!! :eek: :eek: