Warwomen or Swallow Creek WMA

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After doing some searching online and talking to some folks who have had success hunting hogs, I've narrowed it down to Warwomen or Swallow Creek WMA for a hog hunt in early December between the deer hunts. Anybody have any preference on either of those two locations? Any hints on where to start looking? I'll probably try to head out between now and then to do some scouting, but again I am trying not to run afoul of the deer hunters that may be out there shooting at anything that moves. I saw that Swallow Creek has some open fields on the south end, and I've had a recommendation both to follow creek bottoms and hunt ridges. Hoping to get some pointers from someone who may have been there before or has more experience hunting hogs up in the mountains. Thanks in advance!

Just get ready to walk. Pick a creek drain and follow it with the wind in your face. Find some fresh sign. Hogs on wmas are work to find, but fun hunting.


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Old Rabun Russian about a mile from swallows i can guarantee you will not see anybody where this joker just came from and where he was heading.
He just climbed a ridge about the size of a straight up 20 story building and was still climbing heading up a creek that went straight up for another 30 stories!
I don't know how they do it.
Good luck and have fun

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Go to Chattahoochee wma and hit any of those food plots. You got as good a chance as any there. Specifically focus your attention to the bottom food plots on Martin Branch rd.