We can't even SPELL "D-e-e-R" around here...

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I don't know if it's the weather still being warm, too many acorns on the ground or what, but we haven't seen a deer while hunting since opening day.

I went yesterday evening on my oat patch. Didn't see a thing. I come home, and the wife and I have to return a movie in Soperton, so off we go... We turn out of the driveway, go about 300 yards and two big ol' does are in my cousin's driveway eating pears... :whip:

Guess where I'll hopefully be this evening with the 629 Classic in tow??? :shoot:
same thing in my neck of the woods. After seeing some deer during bow season, I haven't seen a single deer since gun season opened. I really think our problem is that its peanut harvesting time and the deer are feeding in the fields. There are hundreds of acres of fresh turned peanuts within a mile of our lease... and since they have started harvesting, deer sign has greatly reduced on our land. Hopefully hunting pressure on the neighboring farms will push them back into my woods. This is my first year on the lease, so Im feeling it out as I go !!
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Bowbender said:
Becuse you are a nice guy I will round some up and ship them to ya, you might have to get a bigger boom boom stick, these are big deer :bounce: :D

Hang in there, Good things come to all who wait.
Good luck to ya.

:bounce: My back up is a 7mm mag. Plenty of boom boom to spell out doom doom. :D:D


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Delt.....you need to get out there early in the morning when it's cooler instead of the eves. :shoot:

Good luck to ya buddy. Hang in there...they'll get moving
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I went this morning, same result. Now what? *LOL*

Thanks for the words of encouragement though, it's still early in the season! :)



How bout a "COLD WEATHER" dance to make the "weather gods" happy??????

:D :D :D :D

Have you tried that yet???? :p
Hunt Where They're Feeding....

This year the acorn mast crop is so extensive and heavy that they don't have to travel very far to fill their bellys up with acorns of EVERY DISCRIPTION. The "normal" deer trails and crossings are almost unused, except for an occassional single deer. The only place people are seeing them is by doing a lot of scouting to find out where they are feeding THAT DAY and finding their travel routes to it. Once they've depleted that area.... then they'll move to the next closest or favorite type of acorn, persimmon, or wild pears. Right now the only place we are really seeing them and GOOD HEAVY SIGN is in the water oaks near their swampy, dense and heavy bedding areas.

If you want to find them, you've got to get off your (lazy ;) ) butt and go find where they are. They're not going to come to you UNLESS YOU ARE AT/NEAR THEIR FOOD SOURCE!

:rolleyes: ::huh: :banginghe :eek:
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Cold Weather Means....

HT2 said:
How bout a "COLD WEATHER" dance to make the "weather gods" happy??????
Have you tried that yet???? :p
Cold weather will only mean MORE ACORNS/FRUIT ON THE GROUND! ::huh:

But it might kick the rut in a few days early and get the bucks more inclined to move during the day and get careless. ::;

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Delton said:
I went this morning, same result. Now what? *LOL*

You gave up too early...the deer are there now :bounce: :whip:
Tim Delton has done the cold weather dance before and was afficially warned not to do that again on the open forums:D

Slow in my side of Heard so far this year as well.

Acorns.... Acorns.... Acorns!!!!

The deer on Fort Gordon are almost EXCLUSIVELY FEEDING ON ACORNS right now! ALL OF THE DEER that were cleaned at the main cleaning station at the game wardens station were STOMACH POPPING FULL of

:speechles :rolleyes: ::huh: :p ;)
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Jim Thompson said:
Tim Delton has done the cold weather dance before and was afficially warned not to do that again on the open forums:D
Jim, you read my mind! I was about to break him out again, but chose, and then was reminded not to! :banginghe :bounce: :bounce:
Slow on bucks, but plenty on the does.Now that we have thined out the easy pickins,we are now looking toward some buck activities to start.
I keep getting busted as I am leaving the woods. Earlier this week when I jumped out the stand one spooked 15 yards from I never saw it was so dark. This evening had one blowing at me thanks to Bowhunters secrete formula but never came in. Walking up the road back to the house and a big doe almost ran over me running out of the woods