??Week 2 Kill Entry Thread 3/30 to 4/5???contestant s please read post #6 in this thread.

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Here is your 2nd weeks kill thread. DO NOT post a bird in here unless it falls in these dates ?3/30 to 4/5?

??Also the judges are fining a lot of problem with the pics. Please review the example thread & read the rules. ??

***When you post your kill, post with your team number. Not your team name. That is how I keep score. If you are posting for a team mate-include his user name.

Please read the rules about posting pictures and look at the example pictures. If you are entering for bonus point make sure you use a 1" tape and follow example pictures provided for this. Take good clear pictures showing the measurements required to receive bonus points

***This is a kill thread. No committing aloud. Congratulate in team threads ONLY.
Team 2
Posting for deast1988
Two bird entry
1st bird 9.5” beard 1 1/8” spurs
2nd bird 11 1/4” beard 1” spurs
Pics are not as good as I would like so I put a pic of the spurs for closeup of date verification.


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I want all the contestants to look at these pics up above.
Thanks MGS !

1st pic
Date verified by newspaper in photo.
The whole bird is visible.
The hunter is visible.
2nd pic
Blow up of the date with any part of the bird. MGS showed of the spurs with the date verification.
3rd pic
Heel measurement. I like the tape on the other side held square to the leg spur. But this is fine.
The paper is in the pic.
4th pic
Beard measuring
Both ends of the tape are visible in one pic. Paper is in the pic.

Now the judges have everything to look at and verify the score.
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