Week 7 kill thread. 5/11 to 5/15


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?This year you have 3 days from kill to enter ! You will need 2 pics

? 1st YOU & the turkey ( THE WHOLE BIRD) please show the fan for gobbler points or make sure the beard is visible as well,must be at lease 6” for gobbler. WE WILL ALSO NEED TO SEE THE DATE VERIFICATION DEVICE OR NEWSPAPER.
? 2nd pic. Close up of date with the device used above or newspaper. Pic must be clear and easy to read. Part of the turkey must be in this pic also. Common areas used. The head,tail fan , beard area or spur area.

Here is your 6th weeks kill thread. DO NOT post a bird in here unless it falls in these dates 5/4 to 5/10

??? Read please ???When you post your kill, post with your team number. Not your team name. That is how I keep score. If you are posting for a team mate-include his user name.

Please read the rules about posting pictures and look at the example pictures. If you are entering for Long Spur Contest or Long Beard Contest make sure you use a 1" tape and follow example pictures provided for this. Take good clear pictures showing the measurements required for the long beard or spur contest.

This is a kill thread. No Commenting allowed. Congratulate in team threads ONLY.

?We are trying to make the picture taking easier for less DQs
Makes it more enjoyable for all?


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Team 1
Bird 2,


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