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Howard Roark

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Have you ever thought about this when hurrying into church on Sunday, hopefully before the service begins? The Teacher of Ecclesiastes reminds us that we need watch our steps when we come to God’s house. We do this by thinking carefully and humbly about the God we have come to meet. By way of the following three questions, I would like to present some basic principles that inform what I believe is a biblical approach to worshipping in God’s house: what are we doing in worship; why do we worship; and how should we engage in worship?



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Seems these days many seem to forget what they are walking into when they enter the Church doors. They do not show reverence when they are on the inside of the church. I have heard Pastor Chris at a church we visit sometimes talk about how folks say they went to church and didn't get anything out of the service. First problem was they were going to church to get something out of it to start with. Said same as if you had a birthday party for yourself. Everyone else came and they left saying they didn't get anything out of the party, the party was for you not for them. Same as church, you go to church to worship God in spirit and in truth. IMO if you want to get something out of the service, worship him. Our pastor has preached before, maybe we need to put a barrel outside the church so everyone can put all the stuff(figuratively) of the world in it before entering inside. Probably half of those folks would pick it back up as they left unfortunately. Our church is of the Baptist denomination however many would probably see us as Pentecostal. We have no schedule, we have no recipe for the service so to say. God has the recipe for the service, all we have to do is be obedient ingredients.
We had to go sing at a revival last week, as with most revivals around here you never know who is going to preach which night because it is not mans call but the Lords call to who brings the message. Our church got up in the choir to sing, the Holy Spirit showed up and over an hour later we were still standing up there. The spirit began to moving and what we call popcorn preaching and a testimonial service broke out. Was a glorious service and looking forward to our revival in a couple weeks.


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I think the biggest problem is most only make time for God on Sundays. That hour or two they go to church. Religion has dammed this nation. People have clung to religion to fit their life to live how they so choose to live. Not aligning their life and relationship with God and his word. I constantly ask myself if there was no promise of heaven would I serve him. If there was no promise of his help and blessings would O still serve him. It’s tough. It’s hard fir people to walk into a church and let go of all the junk this world has on us. People are scared to look weak. But an encounter with Jesus will wreck all the religion we have on us! Don’t worship the worship. Worship Jesus, and lay it all at his feet. Maybe the service will last longer than Deacons like it. Once we realize that it’s not about us. God can visit us.