Well, Thats one way to kill em

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And let the whining about decoys start.


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Didn't even flop. Anybody notice that? Of course I don't think that was a head shot.

No whinning about the decoy. If it is legal have at it. I watched a man on tv do that one time with just a fan.

To many people on here feel like if you don't hunt their way with their type of calls and their shells and choke combos then you are a retard.

They also believe because it rains at their house, then I need an umbrella when I leave mine.

Me...as long as it is legal congrats. And that is one way to kill a tough field bird.:cool:


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ol boy bout got spured.:rofl:
I wonder how much of the meat he was able to salvage. Hope someone doesn't get shot doing that.


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that was crazy.dont know if id be able to wait as long as he did though.:hair:id be afraid for my face doin that.was pretty awesome though.


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AWESOME ...... more than one way to geterdone ;]

As long as its legal ,fun & challenging :cool::cool:
I bet he shot him with TSS shells!
No way. Anybody that smart and is in the habit of having to step on their neck is definitely a lead and I-don't-need-to-do-no-stinking-patterning 'cause-it's-just-a-shotgun man.

Its sad how bad this sport has been dumbed down.
It was indeed a sad day when Alabama, the last holdout, legalized the use of decoys.

id be afraid for my face doin that.was pretty awesome though.
I was rooting for the gobbler to draw blood.
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