West Point river run 3-8 update.

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Dustin Pate

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Figured I'd give an update from the past 4 days. Not a lot has changed honestly. The white bass are very thick from Snake Creek and further south. The hybrids are slowly filtering in along with some very nice stripers. The river continues to drop and extreme caution is needed from Ringer to Brush Creek as there are some trees just under the surface that can cause a bad day really fast. The water is very clear also and the fish have preferred more natural colored baits.

Really looking forward to these warming temps this week!

158783459_10103755847863038_575784182583164649_n.jpg 158668146_10103755847892978_7226367125473317451_n.jpg 157948790_10103755847972818_6408691796531999480_n.jpg 157421804_10103755847763238_4857702439556004219_n.jpg 157312445_10103755853396948_3964002006807995036_n.jpg 157312451_10103754320094698_1462028759446112952_n.jpg 158015044_10103754320079728_7544952660698236318_n.jpg 156940611_10103754320149588_2580341803409061874_n.jpg


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That’s what I expected, beautiful weather, water temp rising, and the bigger ones are heading up!!! Now if we could get the water to rise (HINT COE), it would be perfect, great fish pate


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Loved fishing there when I lived in Beulah Al in the 80's. Also had some awesome hybrid fishing at Riverview spillway and at the old mill run.


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Got the boat and rods ready! That first pic looks like a reel burner, hope to hang into a few of those this year. Save some for the rest of us now, my fishing partner said it was too cold Saturday, haha. I need to get him an eskimo suit I guess