West Point Sunday evening crappie

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Dustin Pate

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Dad and I hit the river after lunch yesterday and found the big crappie willing to bite. The high pressure had them tight to wood, but they would eat if you got the jig on the right float by them. Just a typical pre-spawn type deal. Best jig was a 1/16 oz with a black/chart. Bobby Garland.

We also fished Saturday and also found decent numbers, but the size was a touch smaller. The white bass are slowing working their way in. We caught a number both days, but they are extremely scattered. I expect that should change at any moment with the weather this week. 151852779_10103737328196598_8314679719012347972_n.jpg 152908002_10103737327962068_482406022930509533_n.jpg 151523891_10103737328101788_6822269238474397408_n.jpg 151269280_10103737328121748_6759192414121255978_n.jpg 151478292_10103737327972048_6164705497621487415_n.jpg


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Nice fish. I know a guy that fished the river Sunday and like you said pretty much had to hit them in the head with a jig to get them to bite but he came home with around 18.