West Point WMA results last two rifle hunts?

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Was not able to make the youth hunt and was curious how the last two hunts went.

We scouted and had a decent place picked out, maybe next year.
@oldfatbubba keeps track of everything and does a darn good job with it. Not sure if those are the types of results you are looking for.
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@Dustin Pate You're correct. These results are from the 10/16-10/18 specialty / adult-child QBA hunt. The DNR has yet to publish results from 9/12 - 10/4 archery hunt or the 10/8-10/10 QBALD check-in hunt. Sorry, I misunderstood the OP's question.
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Where are you finding these results?

I pulled these results from the DNR's WMA hunt results database, which can be found HERE. C.Killmaster posted this link in a 2019 thread. For the past 5 years, I have been summarizing the DNR's data in a somewhat more user-friendly format in THIS FILE, which includes additional analysis (WMA trend analysis, hunter density, season totals, etc) and WMA hunt results back 2011.

PS. the data from the 2018-2019 season is a bit iffy as the DNR was transitioning databases and moving to the Game Check system. FWIW.