Wet Wading foot wear...


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I wore old running shoes / tennis shoes for a long time.

Sprung for some Simm's Flyweights and wading socks this summer. Pricey, but a big upgrade.
If I’m planning on trekking a bit I wear wading boots with Simms neoprene socks. If I’m just getting in a few casts and it’s really hot out I’ll wear Tevas.
Depends on what and where. If I am packing my shoes in or want to just wade where it is shallow and hot, I just wade in Tevas.

If I am wading deeper and it is cold, I use the Simms wading socks and my boots as per the above...
Simms Freestones with Rock Treads installed, Frog Toggs neoprene wading socks.
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Thanks guys, currently, I use lightweight hiking / athletic shoe. I have been staying mostly in warmer water. But I am still wet wading in (October) South of West Point. I have several more wades to go this month. I also Kayak to most of the shoals that I wet wade. In addition to that, I use hobie peddle drive to get up and down the Hootch. I would love to wear my wading boots with neoprene socks, but they are a little awkward with the peddle drive. I need a more streamline shoe (due to the peddle drive). My current shoes are really comfortable, but they are nowhere near as “sticky” as my felt or studs on my korker boots.

I was hoping somebody might have a suggestion for a felt soled type tennis shoe?


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I'm still wet wading most streams here in western North Carolina. My wet wading preference are the old simms wading sandals which I grind the tread off of and glue felt soles on using barge cement. I wear a pair of smart wool socks while wearing sandals which makes for a comfortable system. Since simms changed sandal design I guess I'll have to try a different brand when mine wear out.


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I used caddis felt soles replacement last time. Great felt but would be hard pressed to fit a shoe or boot bigger than a 10 1/2 or 11. I searched and found that korkers now carry replacement felt for regular boots not just their interchangable ones. I got the caddis off Amazon. Buy a container of barge cement to glue them on with. Tried the stuff that came in the kit one time and had poor results.


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I have some rip-rap felt soled shoes I used to wear. Held up well but would
pick up pebbles. I also found I wanted a little more ankle support. Over all
good shoes though.