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Why the concern for sleeping in a tent in spring? I ask because I am planning a multi-day fishing trip to the West Fork of the Chattooga soon. That's a bit downhill from you, but still in the same general region.
Well, it snowed about 6" two weekends ago here, with a high of 34*. It was 28* a couple mornings ago when I got up. April in the mountains can be quite cold.


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Wet waded this afternoon. Felt good. It was about 80* this afternoon.
i know years ago a guy was trying to stock the river it is hatchery stocked any how but he wanted to build something across the river so the fish couldn't go up or down the river
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Ended up wet wading last two days of the trip. Fishing was
typical for the Park in April. Caught several each day and all
under 10"s. The biggest was caught on a Beaded Zebra midge.
No stand out nymph. I spent more time following behind my
Son than fishing. His skills are a little rusty after living in
San Diego for the last 6 years. We had a great trip:))).

Once again, thank you all for your input!
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