What a great day!


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Today after church my son and I decided to head over to Pine Log to get after some hogs, squirrel, and rabbit. We got there around noon and I had went to a different spot than I would normally have gone because a buddy of mine recently killed a hog on another area. We got there and began the search. Hiked down to the creek bottom saw only minimal sign. In my mind I was thinking I should have went to the other spot. While headed further we jumped one up that was gone quick as it came. Saw a bunch of turkey and just alot of beauty. We hiked a few miles made a giant circle and headed back toward the car. I told my son I was going to take him to my favorite spot. I explained that we would be coming near a deer bedding zone and make ever step count. Sure enough we were able to watch two does for over an hour. The closed on to about 40-50 yards and by some miracle from the Lord we were able to sneak out without being busted. What an AWESOME day!

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I agree!! Y’all had an awesome day together!!