What a great GON article's story: "The Jim Bland Story

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What a great GON article's story: "The Jim Bland Story, written by Duncan Dobie, in July's GON magazine.
Like in the editorial-opinion of Daryl Kirby, I too want to call attention to this gentleman's great life in the out-of-doors. I congratulate and admire Papa Bland on his turkey gobbler of this season. (Waiting patiently for the gobbler to step out from behind a tree).
I have a question? Does anyone know of a living person, who has killed a gobbler in 1939 or before. I suspect he may be the longest living turkey killer alive today anywhere, due to his early 10 years of age, when he killed his first gobbler.
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Gonna be hard to find one. My father in law who passed 2 years ago killed gobblers in mid 30s in north Georgia. He was born in 1918 near Gilmer County. He was an avid hunter as was his dad. Interesting enough after WW2 he quit hunting till the late 50s.
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Thanks to Georgia Outdoor News for posting this great story in their newsletter, at <GON@ newsletter.com>. Now others can read from the web about this great outdoorsman.