What are some tasty fresh water fish?


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Most people don't know how to clean/cook a jack or a sucker...I was brought up running nets for suckers. Nothing beats them cooked on the bank of the river by a fire. I've had every fish mentioned above except paddlefish, **including walleye from the north GA mountain lakes**, and none compare.

Walleye is easily next on the list though.
Is a White sucker the same as a Red Horse?

Try Whitefish if you get a chance,,,,really good smoked,cold smoked,that is,,,,


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That is a lost art that few know how to do anymore. If someone trusts you enough to eat a sucker you've cleaned and cooked for them, then you know what you're doing.

Personally, I'll only eat one if I cleaned it. Too many people think they can do it until they spit out a mouthful of bones.
You're correct about people not knowing how to gash suckers and jacks. When I was doing a lot of netting, my boys were very young I'd give them suckers that I'd gashed and never had a problem.

When gashing, I keep my knife shaving sharp and would touch it up on a butcher's steel when I started feeling the bones as I gashed the fillets.

From looking at the pic, Nic knows what he's doing.