What are you shooting?


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60in longbow
Fullength 340 GT velocity XT 3 straight offset 2in rayzer vanes.
100gr insert 200gr screw-in broadhead a lil north of 600grs

trad bow

wooden stick slinging driveler
Hoyt Buffalo. 60” bow. 50#@28”
Arrows. Gold Tip 3555 100 gr insert Muzzy 4blade Phantoms 125 gr.
I’m gonna be hunting with a 62” r/d longbow I talked Marty (Apex Predator) into helping me build a couple years ago. Just twisted up a new string for it.
54 lbs @28”
29” draw
3555 gt
Bear razor heads

JB in GA

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For the last few years it has been similar to:
1) 28”
2) 64-68”
3) 50ish
4) Full length 2016 Aluminum
5) 145gr field tips and 145-150gr broad heads