What Are your Carrying and How?

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I know there have been several threads where guys have mentioned what they carry but I wasn't able to find a dedicated thread. So having said that, I was wondering what CCWs are you carrying, what type of holster, and at what position. I have my methods but I'm always on the look out for a more comfortable and efficient way to carry.

Currently I carry one of 2 pistols. During the warmer months I am carrying my Ruger LC9 in a Desantis Sof-tuk IWB at the 4 o'clock position. Its super comfortable and easily concealed. During cooler months or when clothing permits, I carry my full size XDm40 in a Crossbreed Supertuck also at the 4 o'clock position. The Crossbreed makes carrying a full frame pistol very comfortable and fairly concealable but I do have to be more conscious of it printing or the grip peeking out from under my shirt.

Hopefully this thread will help other choose a new equipment or a better method.


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Springfield XD40SC in a CompTac Minotaur at 9 O Clock (I'm a lefty). Just picked up a Ruger LCP for warmer weather. Currently just a pocket holster, gotta find a IWB for it.
Glock 19 9mm in a Comp-Tac Infidel IWB.

Ruger LCP .380 in a Mitch Rosen leather pocket holster.
Springfield XDS45 in a leather pancake holster and extra mag in a single leather case.

Kel-tec P32 in a Mika pocket holster.


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Usually a Glock 27 in an OWB.

Or Ruger LCP in an ankle or pocket holster.


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Colt series 80 lightweight Commander in cool weather, but generally a Kel-Tec p3AT with a crimson trace laser and a Kel-Tec pocket clip mounted on the right side, clipped to the inside of my jeans pocket. I know, I know, but I have something when I would'nt ordinarily have anything otherwise.


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Springfield XDs 45 or KelTec PF9 IWB hybrid holsters


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S&W M&P Compact in .40 S&W most of the time, winter or summer. Use an IWB and OWB, just depends.....but I prefer the OWB.
My wife has a Ruger LCR in .38 and occasionally I'll stick that in my pocket. I also have a OWB holster for it.
I just prefer my M&P, more shots, Ameriglo night sights, and a hot cartridge. Most important the pistol has shot everything, including my handloads without a single malfunction. I can depend on it.
I personally prefer a hard shell holster such as Kydex or hard polymer for my CCW weapons and that's just a preference from experience as I am holster poor. I do carry my Super Blackhawk and Single Six in custom leather holsters though.

I don't open carry. I only use the OWB if it's fairly concealed by my overshirt. I don't want to advertise the presence of a firearm to the bad guys.


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LCP in a Soft Tuk holster usually in the front pocket but also like to put the clip on the soft tuk and wear it IWB at the 4 oclock.


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Just curious, where do you guys carry your cell phone?

Way back when we had pagers, I carried it on my left hip so I could carry my gun on the right. Then when we went to cell phones, I do the same for the same reason. I see a lot of folks carry their cellphones on the right hip.

Carry NAA minimag revolver in 22mag in right pants pocket or outside jacket pocket. Usually carry Taurus M85 .38 ultralite in pancake on right hip under most any shirt and forget I am wearing it. Sometimes I replace the .38 with the Model 605 .357 Taurus that fits the same holster (lot heavier though). Also have a Desantis leather for my P12-45 that I sometimes carry. I always carry mine at 3 o'clock on right hip.

I used to carry enough to stop an armed bank robbery. I have resorted to carrying enough to stop a mugging. I keep enough in the car for the previous scenario. :)