What Bow for Casual Target Shooting


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I am introducing two of my friends to the sport of Archery. We are just shooting in the backyard or in the woods behind a nearby industrial park, shooting at somewhere from 25 to 35 yards at a target that is attached to a big square foam block.

I'm happy with my bow. It is an old Bear Whitetail Hunter from the early 80s set out a peak draw weight of about 45 pounds, 28 inch draw length. It shoots a trajectory that is reasonable for the distances I want to shoot from and the arrows don't bury themselves too deep in the block. Retrieval of the arrows is easy.
If an arrow misses the block entirely and buries itself into the ground or hits a tree trunk, usually the arrow is not bent.

(My friend has a much stronger bow that will destroy its own arrows unless you hit the target, and sometimes we've bent the arrows trying to wrestle them out of the block because they are embedded 12 inches deep into the foam! )


What is a good way for a beginner adult to get a compound bow in the 40 pound peak draw weight range (or maybe 50 pounds if it has a 65% let off)

with the bow coming complete with sights, a stabilizer, some vibration dampeners or silencers on the string and cables, and an arrow rest or whisker biscuit?

I see such complete kits that come also with some arrows a quiver a forearm guard a mechanical release trigger all in a set for about $200 online.

Of course these are "no name" bows made in China.

Are such bows good for casual target shooting or doing 3-D archery events where you don't want a lot of power and where your arrow velocity may be limited anyway by the rules of the game?



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I'd look into the diamond package bows. As good as any and super adjustable. If they get serious, they can tweak them as needed, and they have a great company standing behind them.


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I see that package. It looks nice but I think it's too expensive for either of my friends to buy, considering they're not even sure if they will want to own a bow and get into the sport.

That package from Diamond Archery is $700 for the bow, six arrows, and a few other accessories.5FCB18EA-D955-4942-AD9E-844A05168F9C.png


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I HIGHLY recommend you buy a respected brand bow, just buy one that is a few years old. Bow hunters are probably the worst I have seen at replacing everything, every year. I understand wanting to do it, but it creates a good supply of quality equipment for your situation. I also recommend checking with your local shop; they can make/break your success with a new to you bow.


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i got mine used $100. was a 3 yr old matthews that was something like $500-600 when new. came with carry case, broad heads, extra fletchings, target tips, release, and about 8 or 9 used but still straight arrows. bass pro checked draw length for me, turned out it fit me well enough and for used, the arrows were close enough to right length for me.

5 years later it still shoots, still will put an arrow through a 6x6 if i miss, I bought new arrows last year, still have most of the broadheads. I actually like the 3D archery courses as well as hunting with it. There's one that's like a golf course, 18 stations along a woodsy trail. Great fun, my wife brings my son's kid's recurve and we have a blast.

if ever need to replace it, I'll be looking at the used market again.