What call is best?

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I just got a diff catcher electronic call. We are ate up with coyotes. I’m getting a lot on my trail cams day and night. I feel I must have a den near one because they are there all the time and there are young pups and adults. It’s on a long road. That’s all the places I have to hunt is sendero like roads and thick woods around them.

I also have a night vision scope on a .300 blackout. But I really don’t want to sit all night.

What call or combination of calls works best?

New to coyote hunting any tips appreciated.


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This time of the year : (1) Fawn in Distress,(2) Coyote pup in Distress,(3) Challenge Howl...right before dusk,followed by pup in distress. They catch on REAL quick...so make your shots count & always sit the call UP wind of you. 50-75 yds. If it’s thick at all I’d take a Shotgun loaded w/ #4 Buck. They often come in fast,and in pairs 👍
sleepr is right. i find it helpful having a hunting partner. it's difficult to run calls and shoot at the same time. woodpecker calls are a good change up. rabbit too. bring a buddy with a rifle for long shots. shoot buck for close shots. dont pressure the dogs too much - calling will educate them and they are smart
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I had one come into about fifty yards this spring calling turkeys. It saw me and circled to smell me before I could get a shot.
I feel like these couple young pups will be easy to kill. From the trail cam pics I could just stand hunt them and see them. So I feel like they will come running to the right call.
As to how far I have the call away. I would like to get them into 75 yards for a shot if I can. Should I put the caller closer than 75?
Pay attention to the wind. Stay in the shadows even at night. Don't over hunt it the dogs will figure it ought. Watch the coyote hunt thread you should be able to look at last years thread and this years look and see what calls we are killing yotes over during the time of year you want to hunt