What did you do today that’s related to deer hunting #2

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Hunted Saturday through Tuesday am. Had to come home for a couple of days for a funeral. Headed back tomorrow with muzzleloader AND 243. Will switch out Friday night.
I hope you younger fellas enjoy retirement as much as I am. 😊


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I repainted two of my climbing stands. Tuned my Jeep up, check tires, changed oil and filter, greased U-joints, repacked wheel bearings, checked wench and cable and charged battery. Ironed camo shirt and pants. Checked stand bag, flash light and batteries, compass, grunt call, snort call, E-Trex, Thermacell, rope, binoculars, knife, marketing tape, matches and fire starter, poncho. Next was the deer stand snack sack, Milky Ways, Butterfingers, Mounds, Jelly Beans. I'm about ready.


...just joking, seriously.
Today I gave my muzzleloader it's at least annual complete breakdown and cleaning. I had refused to reload it after shooting my avatar buck with it on opening day of ML... And that was because I last cleaned and loaded it last year and I never fired it so it sat in the safe for the complete year with a balloon over the end of the barrel. After cleaning, I had planned on taking it back to deer lease for the end of the week, but wife wants to go to the mountains.
So I'm loading it and the rifle up for a weekend at the mountain camp.
Hunting for bear, But I'll get a day or 2 jump with the muzzle loader before rifle on Saturday. But I'll be in a hurry to get back because I have to spring a couple traps on my hopefully next quarry at hunt camp...



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I hunted hard Tuesday, but only saw my first coon at the log. More squirrels (none fox) than I’ve seen in a while. Wednesday I went to a place about 9:30 and tacked it. Climbed the tree I chose and sat til about noon. This saddle thing works! I just have to get better at the climbing part. I cannot believe how comfy I am once I’m settled in. Getting up there quickly and quietly is the challenge……right now I’m focusing on not falling :ROFLMAO:
I ordered two cam cleats and 50’ synthetic winch rope. I’m Thinking a cam cleat will help with the moving of my 1 stick…….not sure what I’ll use the winch rope for, but I have ideas.
Wife and I went for a Jeep ride this afternoon to put my stand up. She had never been to my new hunting area. It's important to her to know where I hunt in case she has to come find me. You never know what is going to happen, especially when you get old. Got the stand on the tree where I killed a big one last year. There is a big scrape about 10 yds from my stand and I can see 4 deer trails and a fire break.


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Summer evening rides are officially over. Put my roof and windshield back on and gave the ol girl an oil change (that sounds bad 😅 )

Washed 2 big totes of hunting clothes.

Gotta hook up the trailer here in a few days.
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That means it's fixin' to get real. :bounce::rockon:

I'm going hunting today for several days so that's what I'm doing that's related to deer hunting.
It’s not deer hunting related but I want to stay on this thread so…after a hard three days of deer hunting, and having to work early this morning, I am napping…much needed, I need a good recharge so I can hit it hard next week. The best days are ahead of us my friends! Keep grinding, whole season can change at a moments notice! All it takes is one
I went to deer camp week before last and planted my plots. Came back last Sunday. Mowed monday, took a quick trip for wagering in Biloxi tuesday. Came back to camp friday. I was useless saturday. Hunted today. Saw nothing. My nephew was in a stand 300 yards from me and saw 5 does. He let them pass.


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I went out to the sign in box and did an early sign in for a friend who wanted to hunt the tower stand that he built on my place. He doesn't get to hunt as much as some of my other "members" so I like to see that he gets "his stand" when he wants it.