What do Adam Schiff, a helicopter crash and The Standard Hotel have in common

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Schiffs district and dark web says the Standard hotels owners were on the copter. Dark web said the helicopter people had dirt on schiff in secret meetings in the hotel.



...just joking, seriously.
Did Schiff come from the behind the Iron Curtain and engage in a career In America as a comedian?
Are the rumors that he faked his own death as a hoax true or a hoax?


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Bump for Adam Schiff
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And scumbag Schiff is about to head the House Intelligence Committee.
Probably not for long if the interwebs are true
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Yall don’t believe in Q and you would have to be following along to understand.
Never said I didn't believe in Q. I have said I doubt the accuracy on a lot of Q's stuff since a lot of predicted stuff hasn't happened.

In any event, what does Q say?


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Seems that Schiff was one of the members that had a sexual harassment claim paid off with taxpayers dollars. Since he is a demonrat, I don't see how that will get him anything but applause.